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January 2022
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  • INES acquires Notebook

    Publicado em October 28th, 2014Expenses

    The project “Emergent Modularization for Software Product Lines” is acquiring a MacBook Pro 13″ for a researcher at UFS

  • Indolor project aquires equipments for experiments

    Publicado em October 13th, 2014Expenses

    Indolor research project, associated to INES, acquired 4 Arduinos and Acessories for experiments.

  • UFCG acquires office material

    Publicado em September 30th, 2014Expenses

    The Making program refactoring evolution safer project acquires office material.

  • INES-UFRN-UFRJ researchers at CBSoft 2014

    Publicado em August 4th, 2014Expenses, Publications

    Master student João Batista de Souza Neto will present his master’s dissertation paper “Um estudo sobre geração de testes com BETA: Avaliação e aperfeiçoamento” at WTDSoft at CBSoft 2014. Prof. Anamaria Martins Moreira, supervisor and member of some CBSoft 2014 program comittees (SBMF, SAST and CBSoft Tools), will also be there. This activity is part of the project “Confiabilidade e Segurança em Software Crítico”.

  • INES Lab maintenance

    Publicado em June 15th, 2014Expenses

    The project “Making Program Evolution Safer” hired a computer repair company to fix a computer, printer and no break of a INES lab.

  • INES at 7th GATE Training Course

    Publicado em May 29th, 2014Expenses, News

    Ellen Souza will attend the 7th GATE Training Course: Mining social media content with GATE that will be held on 9-13 June 2014 at the University of Sheffield, UK. This activity is part of the project Software Project Effort Estimation with Computational Intelligence and Statistics.

  • INES at ICCSA 2014

    Publicado em May 26th, 2014Expenses, Publications

    INES will be present at the 14th International Conference  on Computational Science and Applications (ICCSA 2014), to be held in Guimarães (Portugal) 30 June-03 July 2014. Research members from the “Definição de um Testbed para o Desenvolvimento de Software” project had the following paper accepted on this conference:

    Title: Mobile Application Development: How to estimate the effort?

    Authors: Laudson Silva de Souza (UFRN) and  Gibeon Soares de Aquino Júnior (UFRN)

    Gibeon Aquino will attend the ICCSA 2014 as conference speaker.

  • INES at SPLASH’2014

    Publicado em May 19th, 2014Expenses

    Fernando Castor will attend the 5th ACM Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications (SPLASH), to be held in Portland, USA.

    This activity is part of the project named Software Engineering in the Transition to Multicore Platforms, in Portuguese, Engenharia de Software na Transição para Plataformas Multicore.

  • Furniture Service for INES Lab

    Publicado em April 9th, 2014Expenses

    The project “Making Program Evolution Safer” hired a furniture service to fix some chairs of a INES lab.

  • Member of UFCG group visits UFPE

    Publicado em September 8th, 2013Expenses

    Rohit Gheyi from Federal University of Campina Grande is going to visit UFPE from 13th to 14th September to collaborate with Leopoldo Teixeira and Paulo Borba. They will work on a formal theory for multi product lines.