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May 2009
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  • INES on the Web Based Communities 2009

    Publicado em May 18th, 2009Publications

    On 05/12/2009, INES received three great news. Three papers from the “Social Networks as a Knowledge Management Tool on Software Development” were accepted to be presented in the next Web Based Communities conference, which will be held in Algarve, Portugal, from 21 to 23 in June, 2009.

    Existing since 2004, the Web Based Communities conference is currently part of IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science. The mission of  Web Based Communities is is to publish and integrate scientific results and act catalytically to the fast developing culture of web communities. The conference invites original papers, review papers, technical reports and case studies on WWW in particular the emerging role of so-called WWW-Based Communities.

    The accepted papers are the following.

    Title: A Process to Manage Corporate Knowledge Using Social Networks: A Case Study
    Authors: Ricardo Costa, Edeílson Silva, Rafael Ribeiro and Silvio Meira.
    Abstract: This case study describes the effects of using a Web Based Social Network (WBSN) approach to Knowledge Management in a Brazilian software development organization. During this work it was proposed a Knowledge Management process, with some metrics related to its phases. These metrics have been monitored since January 2008 and have been analyzed in order to verify the efficiency of this approach. In order to give a better understanding of the concepts related to Social Networks and Knowledge Management, it is presented a brief introduction to each one of them, including an evaluation of existing Knowledge Management approaches.

    Title: Using a Social Network to Support Project Management
    Authors: Paulyne Jucá, Ricardo Costa and Silvio Meira.
    Abstract: With the diffusion of the geographically distributed work and the necessity of managing appropriately the organization knowledge, the organizations start to search for flexible initiatives to maintain the project and organizational memory and formalize the knowledge acquired. An organizational social network called a.m.i.g.o.s has been extended in order to include project management functionalities and better suite the knowledge management process. This paper describes the project extension and the experience of using this corporative social network as project management tool supporting a software development project.

    Title: Classifying Knowledge on Social Networks: A Real Challenge
    Authors: Ricardo Costa, Paulyne Jucá, Isabel Mendonça, Haidee Lima and Silvio Meira
    Abstract:Users usually have difficulties on how to classify knowledge when publishing in a Knowledge Management environment. This work presents a real case study and a proposal to solve the classification problem on a Social Network environment used for Corporate Knowledge Management. During this case study it was analyzed more than 2 years of knowledge produced in an organization in order to define the most commons types of knowledge, and afterwards a usability tests were made to validate the analysis results in order to verify if this new concepts are appropriated to user’s needs.

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