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August 2009
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  • INES at SBLP, SBES-Tools, and OOPSLA Student Research Competition

    Publicado em August 7th, 2009About the Institute, News, Publications

    The INES project “Evolution and Refactoring tools” published the following papers:

    • Gustavo Soares, Rohit Gheyi, Tiago Massoni, Márcio Cornélio e Diego Cavalcanti. Generating Unit Tests for Checking Program Refactorings. In XIII Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages – SBLP’09, Gramado-RS, Brazil, 2009.
    • Gustavo Soares, Diego Cavalcanti, Rohit Gheyi, Tiago Massoni, Dalton Serey e Márcio Cornélio. SafeRefactor – Tool for Checking Refactoring Safety. In XXIII Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, XVI Tools Session, Fortaleza, Brazil, 2009.
    • Diego Cavalcanti. Improving Safety when Refactoring Aspect-Oriented Programs. Object-oriented programming systems, languages, and applications (Student Research Competition), United States, 2009.

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  • INES has five papers in the Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering – SBES 2009

    Publicado em August 7th, 2009Publications

    Researchers at the National Institute of Science and Technology for Software Engineering, INES, had five papers approved in the Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering – SBES 2009, the main event in the Software Engineering area in Brazil.

    The papers are:

    • Mining Software Change History in an Industrial Environment. Methanias C. Júnior, Manoel Mendonça, Francisco Rodrigues
    • Applying and Evaluating Concern-Sensitive Design Heuristics. Eduardo Figueiredo, Claudio Sant`Anna, Alessandro Garcia, Carlos Lucena
    • Assessing Intra-Application Reuse of Exception Handling with Aspects. Julio Taveira, Cristiane Queiroz, Rômulo Lima, Juliana Saraiva, Emanoel Barreiros, Fernando Castor, Sergio Soares, Nathalia Temudo, Hitalo Oliveira, Amanda Araujo, Jefferson Amorim
    • Exception Flows made Explicit: An Exploratory Study. Nelio Cacho, Francisco Neto, Alessandro Garcia, Fernando Castor Filho
    • Variability Management in Aspect-Oriented Architecture Description Languages: An Integrated Approach. Eiji Adachi Barbosa, Thais V. Batista, Uira Kulesza, Ana Luisa Medeiros, Christina Chavez, Alessandro Garcia

    The XXIII Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, will take place on October, at Fortaleza.