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April 2010
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  • INES at ICSOFT 2010

    Publicado em April 30th, 2010News, Publications

    INES researchers had a paper accepted at 5th International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT 2010), Athens, Greece, July 2010.

    Publication’ details are: Yuri Morais, Glêdson Elias. “An Extensible, Multi-Paradigm Message-oriented Mobile Middleware”. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Software and Data Technologies.

    Abstract: Message-oriented middleware (MOM) platforms are usually based in asynchronous, peer-to-peer interaction styles, leading to more loosely coupled architectures. As a consequence, MOMs have the potential for supporting the development of networked mobile applications. However, MOM platforms have been implemented under a limited set of message-based communication paradigms, each one being specifically adapted to a given application domain or network model. In such a context, this paper proposes a mobile middleware solution which offers a comprehensive set of extensible, message-based communication paradigms, such as publish/subscribe, message queue and tuple spaces. Supported by a reusable architecture, which has been conceived based on a Software Product Line (SPL) approach, the proposed middleware is suitable for constrained devices as all supported communication paradigms share and reuse a reasonable number of software components that deal with common messaging features. Additionally, by means of an extensible design, new communication paradigms can be easily accommodated, as well as existing ones can be removed in order to better fit in more constrained devices.

  • Project hires new researcher

    Publicado em April 29th, 2010Uncategorized

    The project An Investigation of Methods, Processes, Tools, and Metrics for the Development of Software Product Lines (SPL) is hiring a new DTI researcher. The researcher will investigate tools to SPL testing. The idea is to develop a tool to improve the quality of core assets and reduce costs in SPL projects.

  • Dr. Leila Silva is going to visit CIN/UFPE in May

    Publicado em April 25th, 2010Uncategorized

    Dr. Leila Silva from Federal University of Sergipe is going to visit CIN/UFPE from 11th to 14th May to work with Dr. Augusto Sampaio on formal techniques to data refinement.  

  • Project hires researcher

    Publicado em April 23rd, 2010Uncategorized

    The Project Software Project Effort Estimation with Computational Intelligence and Statistics (in portuguese) is hiring a DTI researcher. The researcher will work developing hybrid intelligent methodologies to estimate software cost.

  • INES at GECCO 2010

    Publicado em April 23rd, 2010Uncategorized

    INES researchers had a paper accepted at GECCO 2010 (ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference), Portland, Oregon, USA, July 2010.

    Publication’ details are:

    Ricardo A. Araújo, Adriano L. I. Oliveira, Sérgio C. B. Soares. A Covariance Matrix Adaptation based Evolutionary Methodology for Phase Adjustment in Financial Time Series Forecasting. In Proceedings of the ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, 2010 ACM Press.

    Abstract: This paper proposes the Covariance Matrix Adaptation based Evolutionary (CMAbE) methodology to overcome the random walk dilemma, characterized by one step delay regarding the real time series values, adjusting time phase distortions in the financial time series forecasting problem. The proposed CMAbE methodology consists of a hybrid model composed of the MultiLayer Perceptron (MLP) networks and the Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy (CMAES), which searches for the best particular time lags to optimally describe the time series phenomenon, as well for the best architecture, parameters and training algorithm of MLP networks. An experimental analysis is conducted with the proposed methodology through four real world financial time series, and the obtained results are discussed and compared to results found with recently methods presented in literature.

  • 2nd Meeting of the Project Tests Generation, Selection, Prioritization and Processing Product Line

    Publicado em April 20th, 2010Uncategorized

    The students Francisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto and João Felipe Silva Ouriques from UFCG will attend the second project’s meeting, on May 3rd in Recife.

  • Multimedia projector acquired by research group at UFCG

    Publicado em April 19th, 2010Expenses

    Project “Definition of a Testbed for Software Development” is funding a multimedia projector to members at UFCG (Campina Grande). This resource will be used in the recently-opened INES laboratory.

  • INES at ICSE – Student Research Competition

    Publicado em April 19th, 2010News

    The following paper was accepted at ACM/IEEE 32nd International Conference on Software Engineering – ACM Student Research Competition:

    Gustavo Soares. Making Program Refactoring Safer. In Student Research Competition at ICSE ‘10: 32nd International Conference on Software Engineering Proceedings, Cape Town, South Africa, 2010.

    ICSE will be hosted in Cape Town, South Africa, May 2010. Gustavo Soares is a member of the INES project “Evolution and Refactoring tools”.

  • Furniture Service for Laboratory

    Publicado em April 18th, 2010Uncategorized

    The project “Evolution and Refactoring tools” is releasing funds for hiring furniture service to laboratory at DSC/UFCG.

  • Núcleo INES Petrolina Realizou Workshop

    Publicado em April 17th, 2010News

    O Núcleo Ines de Petrolina-PE realizou no dia 14 de abril na FACAPE, o O 1º WORKSHOP DE ENGENHARIA DE SOFTWARE DO SERTÃO DO SÃO FRANCISCO – WESS 2010, com a presença de cerca de 250 inscritos que puderam assistir 02 sessões técnicas de integração IES X EMPRESAS X INES, a apresentação de 11 artigos científicos e as palestras dos integrantes do INES: Sérgio Soares (CIn-UFPE) e Laís Salvador (DCC-UFBA).

    O Evento foi realizado com a participação da Faculdade de Ciências Aplicadas e Sociais de Petrolina – FACAPE, da Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco – UNIVASF e do Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Sertão Pernambucano – IF SERTÃO – PE.

    O público local, formado por professores, alunos e profissionais e interessados da região de Petrolina-PE/Juazeiro-BA e mesmo de outras cidades, acompanhou atentamente toda a programação do evento que foi considerado um sucesso e um marco para a interiorização da Engenharia de Software.

    O WESS foi um evento satélite do I Simpósio Interinstitucional do Vale do São Francisco (SICOMP 2010), também promovido pelas três IES e que aconteceu no período de 14 a 16/04/2010. Mais informações nas páginas do WESS ( e do SICOMP (