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April 2010
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  • INES at ICSOFT 2010

    Publicado em April 30th, 2010News, Publications

    INES researchers had a paper accepted at 5th International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT 2010), Athens, Greece, July 2010.

    Publication’ details are: Yuri Morais, Glêdson Elias. “An Extensible, Multi-Paradigm Message-oriented Mobile Middleware”. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Software and Data Technologies.

    Abstract: Message-oriented middleware (MOM) platforms are usually based in asynchronous, peer-to-peer interaction styles, leading to more loosely coupled architectures. As a consequence, MOMs have the potential for supporting the development of networked mobile applications. However, MOM platforms have been implemented under a limited set of message-based communication paradigms, each one being specifically adapted to a given application domain or network model. In such a context, this paper proposes a mobile middleware solution which offers a comprehensive set of extensible, message-based communication paradigms, such as publish/subscribe, message queue and tuple spaces. Supported by a reusable architecture, which has been conceived based on a Software Product Line (SPL) approach, the proposed middleware is suitable for constrained devices as all supported communication paradigms share and reuse a reasonable number of software components that deal with common messaging features. Additionally, by means of an extensible design, new communication paradigms can be easily accommodated, as well as existing ones can be removed in order to better fit in more constrained devices.