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May 2010
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  • Infrastructure of Software Engineering Laboratory

    Publicado em May 4th, 2010Uncategorized

    The projects Tests Generation, Selection, Prioritization and Processing Product Line , Tools for Development and Evolution of Software Product Lines and Software Productivity Laboratory Network are acquiring infrastructure equipment (networking, electrical, air-conditioning, access control and furniture), as well as the installation services to equip the Software Engineering Laboratory at CIn-UFPE.

  • INES at SBRC 2010

    Publicado em May 4th, 2010News

    INES researchers had a paper accepted at SBRC’2010 (Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems), Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, May 2010. Fernando Castor, one of the members of INES and co-author of the paper will be presenting it in Gramado between May 24th and May 28th.

    Publication’ details are:

    Joas E. de Souza and Fernando Castor. Um Detector de Defeitos Cumulativo Baseado em uma Abordagem Difusa. In Proceedings of the 28th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems. Gramado, Brazil, May 2010.

    Abstract: Failure detectors are fundamental components of large-scale distributed systems. A failure detector must perceive node crashes promptly adapting to changing network conditions. In addition, it has to be accurate and avoid wrong suspicions, since the latter result in unnecessary processing. Moreover, failure detectors should, ideally, have modest requirements in terms of memory consumption and processing time. This paper presents an accrual and fuzzy failure detector (ACD). The ACD employs ideas from Fuzzy Logic and outputs a suspicion level on a continuous scale. Furthermore, the ACD requires less resources than other detectors.