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July 2010
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  • Member of UFS group visits UFPB

    Publicado em July 17th, 2010Uncategorized

    Marcos Paulo Paixão is going to visit the group of UFPB in the context of the project Distributed Development oriented to software product line in the period of 1st to 6th August. The goal is to integrate recent results developed on both universities.

  • Project “Distributed Development based on Software Product Lines” hires a new master degree student

    Publicado em July 15th, 2010News

    The Project “Distributed Development based on Software Product Lines” is hiring a new Master degree student to attend the activity of defining the distributed development process based on software product lines.

    For more information, contact the address

  • INES Researcher Participates of Lean Thinking Workshop

    Publicado em July 14th, 2010News

    Teresa Maciel, INES researcher in agile software development, is going to São Paulo to participate of “Pensando Lean”, an event focused on sharing knowledge about Lean Software Development, an agile methodology based on Toyota Production System. The workshop includes a course conducted by Mary e Tom Poppendieck, authors of this agile methodology.

    Further information about the event can be found in

  • UFCG’s Student work was ranked as the best Master Thesis in Latin American Master Thesis Contest (CLEI 2010)

    Publicado em July 13th, 2010Uncategorized

    The master thesis of Gustavo Soares, a MSc student at UFCG, was ranked as the best Master Thesis in Latin-American Master Thesis Contest (CLTM) in XXXVI Latin American Conference of Informatics (CLEI 2010). The work will be presented in October 18-22, Asunción, Paraguay. CLEI is an annual conference promoted by the Latin American Informatics Center.

    Gustavo Soares started his Master degree in March 2009, under supervision of professors Dr. Rohit Gheyi and Dr. Dalton Serey. Their work aims at making program refactoring safer. They proposed a technique that analyzes a transformation and generates tests for detecting behavioral changes. His master thesis was approved with distinction in April 2010. Meanwhile, Gustavo Soares and his supervisors have published four articles. More details can be found in the article published in IEEE Software Magazine.

    Gustavo Soares, Rohit Gheyi, and Dalton Serey are members of the INES project “Automatic Evolution and Refactoring tools”.

  • Dr. Rohit Gheyi is Going to Visit CIn/UFPE in July

    Publicado em July 9th, 2010Uncategorized

    Dr. Rohit Gheyi from Federal University of Campina Grande is going to visit CIN/UFPE from 12th to 15th July to work with Dr. Paulo Borba on Refactoring Software Product Lines.

  • INES/UFPE has FINEP Infrastructure Project Approved

    Publicado em July 7th, 2010News

    FINEP has approved project INES-UFPE, which was submitted by INES and CIn-UFPE to increase the area available for research projects and students of INES and CIn-UFPE.

    The title of the project is “Implantação da infraestrutura do INCT para Engenharia de Software e modernização/adequação da infraestrutura de pesquisa da Pós-Graduação do CIn/UFPE” and it received a grant of R$ 936.542,00 to improve the area available for INES and other research projects at CIn-UFPE. It was submitted to PROINFRA 1/2009, which receives resources from FNDCT/CT-Infra.

  • INES at SPLC 2010

    Publicado em July 7th, 2010Publications

    The paper Streamlining Domain Analysis for Digital Games Product Lines from André Furtado, André Santos and Geber Ramalho, all from CIn-UFPE, was accepted as a full paper in the 14th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC), which will be held in Jeju Island, Korea, in september 2010.

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  • INES at CSBC 2010

    Publicado em July 7th, 2010Uncategorized

    INES Executive Coordinator, Prof. Sérgio Soares, will be at CSBC’2010 (Congress of The Brazilian Computer Society), the largest and most important event of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), in which teachers, researchers, students and professionals in Brazil and abroad present and discuss topics related to the scientific, technological, educational and political developments in the field of Computing .

    Prof. Sérgio is also the SBC Secretary for the Pernambuco state and will participate of Brazilian Computer Society meetings, besides attending the whole event.

  • Office supplies acquisition

    Publicado em July 4th, 2010Expenses

    The following projects are acquiring consumer goods (office supplies) to support their research activities at UFBA:

    – Models, Techniques and Tools for Software Evolution

    – Models, Processes and Tools for the Development of Context-Sensitive Systems

    – Evidence-Based Software Engineering

    – Concern-Driven Software Modularity Measurement

  • INES Project on Software Evolution has 3 papers accepted at the Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering

    Publicado em July 4th, 2010News, Publications

    Three papers related to the project  “Models, Techniques and Tools for Software Evolution” (in Portuguese, “Modelos, Técnicas e Ferramentas para Evoluçāo de Software”) were accepted as at the Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, event co-located with the Brazilian Conference on Software: Theory and Practice (CBSoft), 2010.

    • An Empirical Study on the Structural Complexity Introduced by Core and Peripheral Developers in Free Software Projects . Antonio Terceiro,(UFBA), Luiz Romário Rios, (UFBA), Christina Chavez (UFBA)
    • Identifying Code Smells with Multiple Concern Views . Glauco Carneiro, (UFBA), Marcos Silva, (PUC-RS), Leandra Mara, (PUC-Rio), Eduardo Figueiredo,(UFMG), Claudio Sant`Anna, (UFBA), Alessandro Garcia (PUC-Rio), Manoel Mendonça (UFBA)
    • A Study of the Relationships between Source Code Metrics and Attractiveness in Free Software Projects . Paulo Meirelles,(IME-USP), Carlos Santos Jr.,(USP), Antonio Terceiro,(UFBA), João Miranda (USP), Christina Chavez, (UFBA)
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