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August 2010
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  • INES at OOPSLA\SPLASH\Onward 2010

    Publicado em August 25th, 2010Expenses, Publications

    INES researchers André Santos, Fernando Castor, Márcio Ribeiro, Paulo Borba, Sérgio Soares, Tiago Massoni and Rohit Gheyi will attend SPLASH’2010 (ACM Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity)

    Márcio Ribeiro and Paulo Borba have a paper entitled “Emergent Feature Modularization“, which has been accepted for publication in the Onward! 2010 proceedings, co-allocated with SPLASH. This paper is a result of the project “Tool Support for Software Product Lines Development and Evolution”.

    Fernando Castor had a poster accepted at SPLASH’2010. Publication’ details are:

    FARIAS, Rafael ; SOARES-NETO, Francisco ; CASTOR, Fernando . Hamster – Making Grid Middleware Fault-Tolerant. In: ACM Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity (SPLASH’2010), 2010, Reno. SPLASH’2010 Companion. New York : ACM Press, 2010.

    Abstract: Organizations which use grid computing have to deal with events such as a machine turned off or a failed component. Some of these events can completely break a grid, wasting important resources. This paper presents Hamster, a monitoring and recovery mechanism for grid middleware. Its main goal is to maximize the use of available resources, recovering faulty middleware components and avoiding resource idleness or, worse, a complete grid stop. Hamster comprises a number of services that complement existing application-level checkpointing mechanisms. It has been integrated into the OurGrid middleware platform.

  • INES at SMC 2010

    Publicado em August 25th, 2010Uncategorized

    Prof. Adriano Oliveira will attend the IEEE Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC 2010) to present the following work:

    Ricardo Araújo, Adriano Oliveira, Sérgio Soares. Overcoming the Random Walk Dilemma Using a Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolutionary Method. 2010 IEEE Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC 2010), Istanbul. IEEE, 2010.

  • INES at SBMF 2010

    Publicado em August 25th, 2010Publications

    The paper “Synchronizing Model and Program Refactoring” has been accepted for publication, and will be presented at the Brazilian Symposium of Formal Methods. The event will be held in Natal, in early November. The authors, Tiago Massoni, Rohit Gheyi and Paulo Borba, are part of several projects within INES. The published work is within the context of the “Making Program Evolution Safer” Project.

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  • INES will be at ISSRE 2010

    Publicado em August 25th, 2010Publications

    The INES project will be present in 21st IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE)  through the regular paper “Calibrating Probabilistic GUI Testing Models Based on Experiments and Survival Analysis”, authored by Cristiano Bertolini, Alexandre Mota e Eduardo Aranha.

    This work was developed inside the project Tests Generation, Selection, Prioritization and Processing Product Line — in Portuguese, Linhas de Produtos de Geração, Seleção, Priorização e Processamento de Testes.

    The student Adriano Gomes will attend the same event.