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February 2012
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  • Office supplies acquisition

    Publicado em February 27th, 2012Uncategorized

    The projects “Evolution and Refactoring tools” and “Software Productivity Laboratory Network” are acquiring consumer goods (office supplies) to support their research activities at UFS.

  • New INES project: Quality Assessement for Open Source Software

    Publicado em February 27th, 2012News

    The goal of this project is to provide, based on the body of knowledge of Software Engineering, an evaluation service for free software projects. This service will comprise product and process evaluation, and may be useful for organizations or corporate environments in the process of adoption of free software as part of their development environment for software or IT infrastructure. Partners: UFBA, UFCG, UFRN, UEFS and PUC-Rio.

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    O objetivo deste projeto é o de oferecer, com base no corpo de conhecimento da Engenharia de Software, um serviço de avaliação de projetos de software livre. Este serviço agregará avaliação de produto e de processo, e podendo ser útil para organizações ou ambientes corporativos em processo de adoção de software livre como parte do seu ambiente de desenvolvimento de software ou de sua infraestrutura de TI. Participantes: UFBA, UFCG, UFRN, UEFS and PUC-Rio.

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  • New project: Models, Techniques and Tools for Software Evolution – New Challenges

    Publicado em February 27th, 2012News

    New INES project (2nd round) involves researchers from UFBA, UFCG, UFRN, UEFS and PUC-Rio.

    The project Models, Techniques and Tools for Software Evolution: New Challenges has as its starting point the main goal of the previous INES project (Models, Techniques and Tools for Software Evolution/2009-2011) — to improve our understanding of the nature software processes and their evolution,  — and also its results a set of models, techniques and tools to help integrate development activities in the software life cycle.

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