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February 2013
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  • More INES at EASE 2013

    Publicado em February 26th, 2013Expenses, Publications

    The paper “A Systematic Review of Design Diversity-Based Solutions for Fault-Tolerant SOAs” by Amanda Nascimento (IC-UNICAMP), Cecília Mary F. Rubira (IC-UNICAMP), Rachel Burrows (Lancaster University, UK), Fernando Castor (CIn-UFPE), has been accepted for publication at the 17th International Conference on Evalution and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE’2013). The conference will be held in April 14 – 16, 2013 at Porto de Galinhas, Brazil.

    This activity is part of the project “Engenharia de Software na Transição para Plataformas Multicore”.

    A brief overview of the paper is given below.

    Background: Over recent years, software developers have been evaluating the benefi ts of both Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and software fault tolerance techniques based on design diversity by creating fault-tolerant composite services that leverage functionally equivalent services, or variant services. Three major design issues need to be considered while building fault-tolerant architectures based on design diversity, namely, selection and execution of variants and selection of an adjudication algorithm to determine the correct or adjudicated result from the variants. Each design issue, in turn, might be realized by a set of alternative design solutions, which present different degrees of efficiency (e.g. memory consumption, reliability and response time). Aim: To investigate whether existing approaches for fault-tolerant composite services support the above mentioned design issues and to provide a detailed classi cation of the analysed approaches. Method: A systematic literature review of diversity-based approaches for fault-tolerant composite services, which compose our primary studies. Results: We found 17 primary studies providing direct evidence about the research question. Our findings reveal that the primary studies support a wide variety of design decisions. For example, (i) variant services may be chosen at different points during the software lifecycle; (ii) both parallel and sequential execution schemes have been addressed; and (iii) a variety of adjudication mechanisms were found amongst the target papers. Conclusions: We build up a broad picture of what design issues have been addressed by existing software diversity-based approaches for fault-tolerant composite services. Finally, practical issues and difficulties are summarized and directions for future work are suggested.

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  • INES at COMPASS Convergence 2013

    Publicado em February 26th, 2013Uncategorized

    INES will be participating at the COMPASS Convergence 2013 at Trieste (Italy) from 18/02/2013 to 22/03/2013. Prof. Marcel Oliveira will be presenting the results achieved during his post-doctorate at UFPE at this meeting, in which members of the consortium will be present. The COMPASS consortium is a group of researchers and companies committed to collaborative research on model-based techniques for developing and maintaining Systems of Systems (SoS).

  • INES implements undergraduate studentship

    Publicado em February 26th, 2013Uncategorized

    Undergraduate student Carlos Adriano Beserra da Silva is being hired by INES to work in a project to develop a symbolic model checker based on the Microsoft Research technology known as FORMULA.