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September 2013
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  • INES Researcher Speaks at Agile Trends 2013

    Publicado em September 30th, 2013Uncategorized

    Teresa Maciel, INES researcher in agile software development, is going to São Paulo to attend, as a speaker, the Agile Trends Conference, which aims to sharing knowledge in agile methods. More information in

  • Member of UFCG group visits UFPE

    Publicado em September 8th, 2013Expenses

    Rohit Gheyi from Federal University of Campina Grande is going to visit UFPE from 13th to 14th September to collaborate with Leopoldo Teixeira and Paulo Borba. They will work on a formal theory for multi product lines.

  • INES researcher attends Dagstuhl seminar

    Publicado em September 5th, 2013Expenses, News

    INES researcher David Déharbe, from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, will attend the Dagstuhl seminar on “Integration of Tools for Rigorous Software Construction and Analysis” from September 8th to September 13th, 2013.

  • INES at the Brazilian Congress on Computational Intelligence (CBIC 2013)

    Publicado em September 4th, 2013Uncategorized

    The paper “A class of hybrid perceptrons with gradient-based learning” has been accepted as full paper for publication at Thesis and Dissertation Contest 2013 of the Brazilian Congress on Computational Intelligence (CBIC 2013). The conference will be held on 08-11 September 2013, in Porto de Galinhas, PE, Brazil. This paper will be presented by Prof. Ricardo de A. Araújo (CIn/UFPE), INES researcher of the project Software Project Effort Estimation with Computational Intelligence and Statistics.

  • INES at CRIWG 2013, New Zealand

    Publicado em September 2nd, 2013Projects, Publications

    The paper “Redesigning Collaboration Tools to Enhance Social Presence in Online Learning Environments” has been accepted as full paper for publication at 19th International Conference on Collaboration and Technology (CRIWG 2013). The conference will take place in Wellington, New Zealand, between 30 October and 1 November 2013.

    The papers presented at CRIWG 2013 will be published by Springer, LNCS series, in volume 8224.

    This paper will be presented by Dr. Alex Sandro Gomes (CIn/UFPE), INES member of the project Development by Models and Ontologies in the Building of Educational Application.

    The conference is supported and governed by the Collaborative Research International Working Group (CRIWG), an open community of collaboration technology researchers. Victoria University of Wellington, School of Information Management will host this year’s edition.

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