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July 2014
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  • UFCG and UFPE researchers at CBSoft 2014

    Publicado em July 31st, 2014Uncategorized

    Prof. Rohit Gheyi and Prof. Leopoldo Teixeira together with graduate students will attend CBSoft 2014 to present a short course and also research papers. This activity is part of the project Making Program Evolution Safer.

  • Towards an integrated infra-structure for developing applications related to Big Data

    Publicado em July 29th, 2014Projects

    Analytics focuses on manipulating data to find patterns and information useful for some purpose. This task has a high value in data processing and uses several areas, theories and underlying techniques such as statistics, programming, operational search, data mining, optimization, visualization, etc.

    In this context, many auxiliary techniques are used by analytics for defining, applying and adapting other existing techniques. This originates costs related to problem definition, use of frameworks, application and evaluation of existing techniques, architectural and programmatic knowledge, issues related to high volumes of data, etc. Therefore, integrating tools, techniques and frameworks is highly desirable to reduce application costs during software development to deal with Big Data.

    This project is aimed at producing a prototype (framework) that integrates methodologies and tools into the development process of applications related to Big Data. This contributes to the approximation of Software Engineering and Big Data areas, as the first deals with development process and the second essentially focuses on information extraction and processing of data (scalability). The idea is to provide a way of handling Big Data in software development, providing some abstraction level for developers, so that they can use analytics (and frameworks) without worrying about low-level details of their implementation.

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  • INES at SBQS 2014

    Publicado em July 28th, 2014Uncategorized

    Teresa Maciel, researcher at INES, will attend Simpósio Brasileiro de Qualidade de Software (SBQS), to be held in August. Teresa will present the paper “Aplicação de Métricas Lean para Análise e Melhoria em Processos de Manutenção de Software”.

  • INES at Brazilian Programming Contest 2014

    Publicado em July 27th, 2014Uncategorized

    Teams from UFCG will attend the Brazilian programming contest in Olinda (September 13, 2014). This activity is part of the project Making program evolution safer.

  • INES at ECSA 2014

    Publicado em July 17th, 2014Uncategorized

    Thais Batista will attend the European Conference on Software Architecture (ECSA) in Vienna, Austria, 25-29 August.

    Thais will present the following paper: Cavalcante, E., Oquendo, F., Batista, T. Architecture-Based Code Generation: From pi–ADL Architecture Descriptions to Implementations in the Go Language. European Conference on Software Architecture, Vienna, Austria.

    This activity is part of the project Evaluating Data Lock-in in Cloud Platforms, in portuguese Avaliando Data Lock-in em Plataformas de Nuvem.

  • INES at ACM TVX 2014

    Publicado em July 16th, 2014News, Publications

    The paper “Intelligent Planning as KaaS for Emergency and Convergent Domains” was accepted for publication at ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video (TVX 2014).

    This activity is part of the project  “Investigating Algorithms, Techniques and Tools for Search Based Software Engineering” — in portuguese, Investigando Algoritmos, Técnicas e Ferramentas para Engenharia de Software Baseada em Buscas.

    More details about the publication: Lino, N. C. Q. and Tate, A. Intelligent Planning as KaaS for Emergency and Convergent Domains. ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video (TVX 2014). Newcastle, UK, 2014.

  • INES at SPLC

    Publicado em July 15th, 2014Uncategorized

    Eduardo Almeida will attend the 18th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC) in Italy.

    Eduardo will present the paper:

    • Vilella, K.; Silva, A.; Vale, T.; Almeida, E. S. A Survey on Software Variability Management Approaches. 18th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC), Italy. 2014

    This activity is part of An Investigation of Methods, Processes, Tools, and Metrics for the Development of Software Product Lines (SPL) — in portuguese, Uma Investigação de Processos, Ferramentas e Métricas para o Desenvolvimento de Linhas de Produto de Software.