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October 2014
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  • INES at Agile Brazil 2014

    Publicado em October 31st, 2014Uncategorized

    Prof. Teresa Maciel, researcher ate INES, will attend Agile Brazil 2014 conference,  in Florianópolis, from 5 October to 8 October.

  • INES acquires Notebook

    Publicado em October 28th, 2014Expenses

    The project “Emergent Modularization for Software Product Lines” is acquiring a MacBook Pro 13″ for a researcher at UFS

  • UFS Researcher will visit the Open University

    Publicado em October 27th, 2014Uncategorized

    Leila Silva (UFS) will visit the Open University and collaborate with Dr. Leonor Barroca in an educational project. In addition, she will attend the Design4Learning conference at the end of November.

  • INES – UFRN Researcher at Middleware 2014

    Publicado em October 16th, 2014Uncategorized

    Thais Batista (UFRN) will attend Middleware 2014 in Bordeaux – France (December 8-12). She is co-chair of workshops and tutorials (

    She will also give the following talk at the M4IoT Workshop (Middleware for Context-Aware Applications in the IoT) –

    *** Title:

    Towards Middleware for IoT: Challenges and Capabilities

    *** Abstract:
    The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm enables smart objects actively collaborate among them and  with other physical and virtual objects to perform high-level tasks for the benefit of final users.  Many challenges arise in this context, mainly in terms of interoperability among several heterogeneous devices from a variety of manufacters, and the need of handling a large amount of sensible data transmitted through the network. Several works rely on a middleware layer to meet the design and implementation challenges and to facilitate the development of multiple value-added applications. This talk focuses on discussing the challenges faced by the middleware for IoT community and the ongoing initiatives to provide capabilities to tackle the  challenges.
  • Meeting of the ArchIoT Project at UFRJ

    Publicado em October 13th, 2014Uncategorized

    The second meeting of the ArchIoT Project will be held at Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, 20-25 October, with the goal of discussing and implemeting the Behavioral Model of the ArchIoT tool. Eduardo Silva, from UFRN, will attend the meeting to collaborate with Bruno Costa, Flávia Delicato and Paulo Pires, from UFRJ. Thais Batista and Jair Leite will attend the meeting via videoconference. Eduardo will work with Bruno on the implementation of the behavioral tool.

  • Indolor project aquires equipments for experiments

    Publicado em October 13th, 2014Expenses

    Indolor research project, associated to INES, acquired 4 Arduinos and Acessories for experiments.

  • INES – UFRN at CBSoft 2014

    Publicado em October 7th, 2014Uncategorized

    Prof. Thais Batista will attend CBSoft 2014 in Maceio

  • INES – UFBA at CBSoft 2014

    Publicado em October 1st, 2014Uncategorized

    Prof. Eduardo Almeida will attend CBSoft 2014 in Maceio