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May 2015
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  • Technical visit of Prof. Leila Silva from UFS to UFPE

    Publicado em May 31st, 2015Uncategorized

    Prof. Leila Silva from UFS is going to visit UFPE from 08/06/2015 to 10/06/2015 to colaborate with Prof. Augusto Sampaio in the context of a project in Education in Computer Sceince.

  • INES researchers at CSBC 2015

    Publicado em May 29th, 2015Uncategorized

    Researchers from the project “BaSiC: A Service Bus for Smart Cities” will attend to CSBC 2015: Kiev Santos da Gama (project coordinator, CIn-UFPE), Marcelo Iury Sousa Oliveira (PhD student, CIn-UFPE), Emanoel Carlos Gomes Ferraz Silva (MsC student, CIn-UFPE), Herbertt Barros Mangueira Diniz (MsC student, CIn-UFPE), Thomas Cristanis Cabral Nogueira (MsC student, CIn-UFPE) and Daniel Barbosa Maranhão (undergraduate student, CIn-UFPE).

    The event will be held in Recife-PE, from 20-July-2015 to 23-July-2015.

  • ForAll-UFRN-INES participation at the 9th International Conference on Tests & Proofs (TAP 2015)

    Publicado em May 19th, 2015Uncategorized
    Ernesto C. B. de Matos, PhD student at UFRN, will attend the 9th International Conference on Tests & Proofs (TAP 2015), to present the paper “Verifying Code Generation Tools for the B-Method Using Tests: a Case Study”. This work presents the application of test techniques and tools developed by the group in the development and validation of other  (developed by the group and external) tools.
    This activity is part of the project “Confiabilidade e Segurança em Software Crítico”.
  • UFRN Research at ICAC2015

    Publicado em May 15th, 2015Uncategorized

    Everton Cavalcante, PhD student at UFRN, will attend the 12th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 15), to present the paper Revisiting Goal-Oriented Models for Self-Aware Systems-of-Systems

    This activity is part of the project “ArqIoT – Um Ambiente para Desenvolvimento Orientado por Arquitetura de Aplicações em Internet das Coisas”


    Publicado em May 13th, 2015Uncategorized

    José Dihego, PhD student at CIn/UFPE, will attend the DOCTORAL SYMPOSIUM OF FORMAL METHODS 2015, part of the 20TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON FORMAL METHODS, to present the paper entitled: “Inheritance and refinement of trustworthy component-based systems”. The conference will be held in Oslo, Norway from 22nd June to 26th June 2015.

    This activity is part of the project “Reliability and Safety in Critical Software”. More details about the publication: DIHEGO, J.. Inheritance and refinement of trustworthy component-based systems. In: Doctoral Symposium of Formal Methods, 2015, Oslo, Norway. More about the conference:

  • INES at ELA-ES 2015

    Publicado em May 12th, 2015Publications

    INES will be present at the 2nd Latin-American School on Software Engineering (ELA-ES 2015), to be held in Porto Alegre (Brazil), 30 June – 03 July 2015. Research members from the “Concern-Driven Measurement of Software Modularity” project had the following position paper accepted on this conference:

    Title: Avaliação Experimental da Relação de Coesão e Acoplamento com o Esforço de Compreensão de Software.

    Authors: Elienai Batista (UFBA) and Cláudio Sant’Anna (UFBA).

    Elienai and Cláudio will attend the conference.

  • INES at IEEE Cloud Conf.

    Publicado em May 12th, 2015Uncategorized
    INES researcher Arthur Souza will attend the 8th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD 2015), June 27 – July 2, 2015, New York, USA.
    Arthur will present the following paper: Souza, A., Cacho, N., Batista, T., Lopes, F. “Cloud Query Manager: Using Semantic Web Concepts to Avoid IaaS Cloud Lock-In”.
    This activity is part of the project Evaluating Data Lock-in in Cloud Platforms, in portuguese Avaliando Data Lock-in em Plataformas de Nuvem.”
  • INES/UFRN researcher co-organizes international software competition

    Publicado em May 8th, 2015Uncategorized

    Prof David Déharbe, from the ForAll/INES research group, and affiliated to UFRN, co-organizes the 2015 edition of SMT-COMP, the competition for Satisfiability Modulo Theory Solvers, together with Tjark Weber (Uppsala University, Sweden) and Sylvain Conchon (Paris-Sud University, France).

    The competition will take place during the annual SMT Workshop, affiliated to CAV 2015 (27th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification), in San Francisco (USA), from July 18th to July 19th. The results of the competition will be presented both at the workshop and at the main conference.

    See more: SMT-COMP 2015SMT Workshop 2015CAV’2015.

  • ForAll UFRN Renews Office 365 Licenses

    Publicado em May 6th, 2015Uncategorized

    The Formal Methods and Languages Laboratory, research laboratory at UFRN associated to INES, acquired new office 365 license.