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July 2015
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  • INES at RecSys 2015 – Austria

    Publicado em July 27th, 2015Uncategorized

    Professor Leandro Balby Marinho will attend the 9th ACM Recommender Systems Conference to present the papers: “Context-Aware Event Recommendation in Event-Based Social Networks” and “Are Real-World Place Recommendarion Algorithms Useful in Virtual Worlds?“.

    Context-Aware Event Recommendation in Event-Based Social Networks


    The Web has grown into one of the most important channels to communicate social events nowadays. However, the sheer volume of events available in event-based social networks (EBSNs) often undermines the users’ ability to choose the events that best fit their interests. Recommender systems appear as a natural solution for this problem, but differently from classic recommendation scenarios (e.g. movies, books), the event recommendation problem is intrinsically cold-start. Indeed, events published in EBSNs are typically short-lived and, by definition, are always in the future, having little or no trace of historical attendance. To overcome this limitation, we propose to exploit several contextual signals available from EBSNs. In particular, besides contentbased signals based on the events’ description and collaborative signals derived from users’ RSVPs, we exploit social signals based on group memberships, location signals based on the users’ geographical preferences, and temporal signals derived from the users’ time preferences. Moreover, we combine the proposed signals for learning to rank events for personalized recommendation. Thorough experiments using a large crawl of demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed contextual learning approach in contrast to state-of-the-art event recommenders from the literature.

    Are Real-World Place Recommendarion Algorithms Useful in Virtual Worlds?


    Bug tracker systems have been used to facilitate maintenance and evolution of software. However, duplicate entries of bug reports in such systems impact on the development productivity. It happens mainly because developers must carefully analyze incoming bug reports to check their validity, which some can take more than 20 minutes to be analyzed. In this sense, this work presents a tool for bug reports search and analysis, in order to improve such tasks.

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  • Brazilian Programming Contest

    Publicado em July 21st, 2015Uncategorized

    UFCG teams will attend the Brazilian programming contest in Olinda.

  • INES at ECSA 2015

    Publicado em July 14th, 2015Publications

    The PhD student Simone Amorim will attend ECSA 2015 and present the paper:

    “Tailoring the ATAM for Software Ecosystems”

    Authors: Simone Amorim, John McGregor, Eduardo Almeida, Christina Chavez

    Abstract. Software ecosystems often form around a platform which is defined by a reference architecture. None of the existing architecture evaluation methods evaluate the unique aspects of the architectures that drive a software ecosystem. These architectures emphasize properties, such as Extensibility, Flexibility, and Scalability, that should be considered during an architecture evaluation. An evaluation method must also allow stakeholders, who are spread around the world, to participate in the evaluation. To address these issues, this paper proposes a method, Architectural Analysis Method for Evolving Ecosystems (AAMEE), to evaluate the architecture that is the basis for a software ecosystem. AAMEE, a variant of ATAM, analyzes architectural scenarios covering both the platform and product architectures in the ecosystem. The method has been piloted through its application to the architecture of the Noosfero ecosystem. We report some lessons learned.

    This activity is part of the project “Models, Techniques and Tools for Software Evolution”.

  • INES at SEFM 2015

    Publicado em July 13th, 2015Uncategorized
    Gustavo Carvalho, researcher at INES, will attend the 13TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND FORMAL METHODS (SEFM 2015) to present the paper entitled: “NAT2TEST Tool: from Natural Language Requirements to Test Cases based on CSP”. The conference will be held in York, United Kingdom from 7th September to 11th September 2015.
    This activity is part of the project “Reliability and Safety in Critical Software”. More details about the publication:  CARVALHO, G.; BARROS, F.; CARVALHO, A.; CAVALCANTI, A.; MOTA, A.; SAMPAIO, A.. NAT2TEST Tool: from Natural Language Requirements to Test Cases based on CSP. In: International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods, 2015, York.
  • INES Member to participate and demo on IJCAI 2015

    Publicado em July 9th, 2015Uncategorized

    The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) is probably the most prestigious Artificial Intelligence Conference nowadays (qualis A1 by CAPES).

    In this year edition, there will be a special track, called AI and the Arts, where Giordano Cabral, researcher from INES, will present his work and make demonstrations of the Rechord system, a collaboration with the SONY Computer Science Lab Paris.

    The conference will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between the 25st july and 31st july 2015.

    More information about the event and this particular track in:

  • UFCG members visit Ingenico-SP

    Publicado em July 8th, 2015Uncategorized

    The Ingenico company has a cooperation with UFCG to investigate application of analytics to data related to failures in Ingenico machines (terminals). The extraction of failure and maintenance information occurs periodically and need to be analysed. The visit allow the convergence of interests form both company and UFCG to improve data exploration in the scenario of Big Data, as a big number of extractions are expected by month in machines of all Latin America.

  • INES at FMi 2015

    Publicado em July 8th, 2015About the Institute
    The paper “A lattice-based representation of temporal failures” was accepted for publication at 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Formal Methods Integration (FMi), part of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration.
    This activity is part of the project  “Reliability and Safety in Critical Software” (In portuguese, “Confiabilidade e Segurança em Software Crítico”).
    More details about the publication: Didier, A. L. R; Mota, A. A lattice-based representation of temporal failures, 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Formal Methods Integration (FMi), San Francisco, CA, U.S., 2015.
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  • INES at ESEM 2015

    Publicado em July 3rd, 2015Uncategorized

    INES will be present at the 9th International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM 2015), to be held in Bejing, China, on 22/10/2015 and 23/10/2015. Research members from the “Ferramentas para Desenvolvimento e Evolução de Linhas de Produto de Software” project had the following paper accepted on this conference:

    Title: Assessing Semistructured Merge in Version Control Systems: A Replicated Experiment

    Authors: Guilherme Cavalcanti(UFPE), Paola Accioly(UFPE) and Paulo Borba(UFPE)

    Guilherme Cavalcanti will attend the ESEM 2015 as conference speaker.

  • UFCG at BRASNAN 2015

    Publicado em July 2nd, 2015Uncategorized

    The graduate student Igleson Freire de Figueredo o will attend the IV Brazilian Workshop on Social Network Analysis and Mining, where the paper  “Investigando a Influência de Tweets em Programas de Votação Popular no Brasil” will be presented. This activity is part of the project “Uma Infra-estrutura Integrada para Desenvolvimento de Aplicações Envolvendo Analytics e Big-Data”.

  • Coordinator of HealthDrones project visits research group of Numerical Optimization and Modeling.

    Publicado em July 1st, 2015Projects

    logo Health Drone

    Silvana Bocanegra, coordinator of HeathDrones project, will visit the Group of Numerical Optimization and Modeling – GNOM  ( at UPC. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya from 27 July 2015 to 08 August 2015.  The research group maintains projects with the GNOM-UPC since 2011. The goal of this technical visit is to evaluate the use of large scale optimization algorithms and modeling strategies on routing algorithms and on-board computation for the software plataform of drones.

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