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  • UFPB Researchers at WDDS 2010

    Publicado em August 20th, 2010Publications

    UFPB researchers that are members from the INES project named as “Distributed Development based on Software Product Lines” has two papers accepted at 4th Brazilian Workshop on Distributed Software Development (WDDS).

    Publications’ details:

    * SANTOS, V. S. ; PEREIRA, T. A. B. ; RIBEIRO, B. L. ; ELIAS, G. . Um Framework de Recomendação para Alocação de Equipes de Desenvolvimento em Projetos Distribuídos de Linhas de Produto de Software. In: IV Workshop de Desenvolvimento Distribuído de Software, 2010, Salvador.

    Abstract: Software Product Line (SPL) and Distributed Software Development (DSD) approaches have been adopted by many companies to improve software quality, finding more qualified manpower, and reduce development costs and time. However, in such a scenario, teams allocation is not a trivial task, because it has to take into account properties of the software project, the teams and the context in which they are immersed. Thus, the framework proposed in this paper aims to provide recommendations on how to allocate teams to software components in distributed SPL projects by considering technical and non-technical aspects.

    * RIBEIRO, B. L. ; ELIAS, G. . Alocando Equipes Distribuídas com base em Aspectos Não-Técnicos. In: IV Workshop de Desenvolvimento Distribuído de Software, 2010, Salvador.

    Abstract: Taking into account the benefits of distributed software development, many organizations allocate implementation tasks among globally distributed teams. However, their cultural, temporal and geographical differences reduce the communication effectiveness, directly affecting the project’s progress and success. In order to mitigate such communication issues, based on non-technical features of global distributed development teams and dependences among software modules, this article describes an approach for recommending the allocation of development teams to implementation tasks of software modules.

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