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  • UFPB Researchers at WESB 2011

    Publicado em August 15th, 2011Uncategorized

    UFPB researchers that are members from the INES project named as “Distributed Development based on Software Product Lines” has two papers accepted at 2th Brazilian Workshop on Search Based Software Engineering (WESB).

    Publications’ details:

    * RIBEIRO, B. L. ; ELIAS, G. . Uso Uma Abordagem Baseada em Algoritmo Genético para Alocação de Equipes Distribuídas. In: II Workshop de Engenharia de Software baseada em Buscas, 2011, São Paulo.

    Abstract: In order to achieve the proclaimed benefits of Global Software Development (GSD), many organizations adopt GSD processes, allocating implementation tasks among globally distributed teams. However, cultural and geographical distances among teams have direct impact on communication effectiveness, which in turn affects projects’ progress and success. In order to mitigate such communication issues, this paper proposes a genetic algorithm based approach for allocating distributed development teams to implementation tasks of software modules, taking into account both non-technical features of teams and dependences among software modules.

    * PEREIRA, T. ; ELIAS, G. . Utilizando Algoritmo de Otimização para Recomendação de Módulos em Projetos de Linhas de Produto de Software. In: II Workshop de Engenharia de Software baseada em Buscas, 2011, São Paulo.

    Abstract: In order to demonstrate the diversity of scenarios to which techniques of Search Based Software Engineering could be applied, this paper describes a case study on the use of an approach to recommend modules in distributed Software Product Line projects. In such projects, dependencies between components can compromise the work of development teams. Thus, the clustering of tightly coupled components into modules to be developed by dispersed teams is an alternative to make their work more efficient.

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