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  • Definition of a Software Development Testbed

    Publicado em June 13th, 2009About the Institute, News

    The successful transfer of technology knowledge from academia to industry takes an average of 18 years. Systematic empirical studies tend to expedite this process and consequently reduce the gap between academia and industry.

    The aim of this project is to contribute to the Software Engineering advance and, specifically, to develop a methodology for building an environment to support empirical studies planning and execution. These experiments will form a series of scientific evidences aiming to support decision making whether using new technologies that seams promising, for example, aspect-oriented software development.

    In particular, this project will develop a methodology for creating a Testbed in order to produce information that will be useful to researchers searching for evaluation of proposed methodologies, techniques, processes and tools. Using the testbed, researchers will select among a set of applications, properly documented, with different versions available, and a set of associated artifacts, which can be used to perform experiments. These experiments will help to clarify the benefits and drawbacks of using a technique, process or tool associated with a particular context. The methodology should guide the development of an environment, which will bring together several empirical experiments. They should have a well-defined structure, specific metrics and predetermined application contexts.

    Moreover, by performing different experiments over a same (large) set of applications, the results might also be correlated, giving more strength to the scientific evidences. The purpose is to give better decision making support. In particular, this project will initially focused at aspect-oriented software development. Among the fields of applications for the first version, are included software product lines, information systems, mobile applications, among others.

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