INES – National Institute of Science and Technology for Software Engineering

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September 2023
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  • Goals

    Develop a high international standard research in Software Engineering
    INES develops researches in the Software Engineering field. The relevance of selected research lines and scientific competence from the team clearly show that The Software Engineering Institute will relevantly contribute for the Software Engineering research in Brazil and also internationally. The executed researches shall generate many published papers on the best international journal and conferences of the field.

    Graduate highly qualified human resources in Software Engineering
    The Software Engineering Institute will also work on graduating highly qualified students in Masters and PhD programs. Moreover, we intend to stimulate undergraduate students to participate on institute activities, especially through undergraduate research projects. The main institute (Informatics Center, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco) has one on the best graduate courses in the area (Masters and PhD programs were ranked with 6/7 by CAPES, a Brazilian research agency). Additionally, most of the institutions of this proposal have Masters program and, some of them, PhD programs too (UFRN and UFCG). The Software Engineering Institute intends to foster the cooperation of the institutes by promoting Masters and PhD thesis orientation with more than one supervisor from different institutions. This is important to promote the foundation of new Master’s and PhD programs at the institutions that still do not have.

    Promote knowledge transfer to society
    INES will transfer the knowledge to society through means of organizing and promoting events such as mini-courses, specializing courses in Software Engineering, lectures, technical visits of specialized researches in other research centers, regional meetings, workshops and conferences to spread and discuss relevant researched subjects at the institute. The target audience will not be just the academic one, but also software industry members. Besides forming always higher qualified software engineers to industry, The Software Engineering Institute also intends to recycle software engineers who already work in the market, which will turn industry even more competitive, especially from global point of view. Innovative initiatives on this item also include software residence.

    Promote knowledge transfer to industry
    INES main office is settled in Recife, Pernambuco, with members from the main Software Engineering universities and research groups in northeast. The Institute will strongly act in transference tasks of technology to companies installed in Porto Digital, Recife-PE ( Porto Digital today is a software company cluster composed by more than 120 companies that work in different areas that go from information system development for internet to games development solutions and Digital TV. The actions for this technology and innovation transfer to the companies in Porto Digital shall make them more competitive in national and international scene. Moreover, there will be direct Software Engineering Institute cooperation with companies, such as C.E.S.A.R. (that directly participates in the institute) and companies that have projects working with universities that participate of the institute, like Motorola/BR and DELL.