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October 2021
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  • Researcher from UFBA visits University of Calgary

    Publicado em June 5th, 2016Uncategorized

    Prof. Laís Salvador (UFBA) will visit the University of Calgary on June 13-29, 2016, specifically the group of prof. Frank Maurer, in order to attend meetings with researchers related to the project “Using Expert Finding techniques to design context-sensitive bug tracking systems”. The researchers will discuss ongoing research work in the context of INES project.

  • INES in one of the organizers of Hackacity

    Publicado em May 27th, 2016Uncategorized

    INES is one of the partner institutions behind the first brazilian edition of hackacity (, which being held on May 27th and 28th in Olinda/Recife and simultaneously in Porto (Portugal), Santander (Spain) and Amersfoort/Utrecht (Netherlands). Hackacity is a hackathon that aims to test big data and promotes its use to develop solutions that will have an impact in the city, but also foster collaboration amongst stakeholders. For 24 hours, participants get together to develop solutions based in open source platforms as FIWARE to address challenges faced by the citizens, using data provided by the city.

    Claudio Nascimento, vice-president of the Brazilian Network of Human Smart Cities, is in charge of the organization of the event in Brazil. Kiev Gama (CIn-UFPE), INES researcher, and Sergio Soares (ISI-TICs/CIn-UFPE), INES Executive Coordinator, are in charge of the technical coordination of Hackacity Brazil. Herbertt Diniz, researcher from INES, will provide a workshop on the FIWARE platform during the morning of may 27th, just before the event. More details about the brazilian edition can be found in the official website:

  • INES at AMW 2016

    Publicado em May 25th, 2016Publications

    Diego Ernesto Rosa Pessoa will attend the Alberto Mendelzon International Workshop on Foundations of Data Management (AMW 2016) to present the following papers: “Towards a Multi-Layer Architecture for Combination of Schema Matchers” and “A Query-driven and Incremental Process for Entity Resolution“. The Alberto Mendelzon Workshop is an initiative of the Latin American community of researchers in data management. This event is held annually since 2006, and it aims to create opportunities for dissemination and exchange of research results from globally produced investigations, encouraging participants to propose innovative and technological developments. The 10th edition will be held in Panama City, Panama from June 6th to 10th 2016.

  • INES at SERP’16 – The 14th International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice

    Publicado em May 12th, 2016Uncategorized

    The researcher Marcel Oliveira, from UFRN, will attend the SERP’16 – The 14th International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice. He will present the paper “A Validation Strategy for an Automatic Code Generator using Java Pathfinder”.

  • Equipment to support research at UFPE (Ubitrans)

    Publicado em May 3rd, 2016Uncategorized

    The INES project “UbiTrans – Recomendação de Rotas usando Transporte Público Multimodal” is acquiring a notebook to support research at the Universidade Federal of Pernambuco.

  • ACM ICPC World Finals

    Publicado em April 28th, 2016Uncategorized

    The UFCG team will attend the 40th ACM ICPC World Finals in Phuket, Thailand.

  • INES at X Workshop on Information and Communication Technology

    Publicado em April 25th, 2016Uncategorized

    The researcher Teresa Maciel, from UFRPE, will attend the X Workshop on Information and Communication Technology, promoted by the Brazilian Federal Educational Institutions. The event will be held from May 2th to May 5th, in Gramado, Brazil

  • UFPB researcher attends ICSE 2016

    Publicado em April 19th, 2016News

    Professor Gledson Elias will attend the 38th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2016), the premier software engineering conference, providing a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the field of software engineeringto. This activity is part of the project  “Investigating Algorithms, Techniques and Tools for Search Based Software Engineering”.

  • UFPB researcher at ICNS 2016

    Publicado em April 12th, 2016News, Publications

    Professor Gledson Elias will attend the 12th International Conference on Networking and Services (ICNS 2016), where the paper “An Automated Approach for Selecting Web Services” will be presented. This activity is part of the project “Investigating Algorithms, Techniques and Tools for Search Based Software Engineering”.

  • Technical visit of Prof. Fernando Castor to the Tokyo Institute of Technology

    Publicado em April 11th, 2016Uncategorized

    Prof. Fernando Castor visited prof. Hidehiko Masuhara’s group at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, in Tokyo, Japan from March 22nd 2016 to March 25th 2016, to discuss possibilities for research collaboration.