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November 2021
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  • INES at WDRA 2010

    Publicado em May 28th, 2010News

    The paper “XPlus: Integrating Interface Design based on User-Experience within eXtreme Programming Practices” has been accepted for presentation at WDRA 2010 (Workshop on Rapid Development of Applications) to be held at the SBQS 2010 (Brazilian Symposium on Software Quality). The work-in-progress is related to the INES project “Models, Techniques and Tools for Software Evolution”.

    The paper will be presented in June 11, 2010, in the city of Belém, PA.

    WDRA’2010 :

    Title –  XPlus: Integrating Interface Design based on User-Experience within eXtreme Programming Practices

    Authors – Carina Piauhy and Christina Chavez

    Abstract – The eXtreme Programming agile development methodology attempts to produce systems with high production quality that meet the actual clients’ needs in a short time frame. However, it does not give much emphasis in the development of the aplications’ user interfaces, which is one of the fundamental factors to user satisfaction. This paper addresses the conciliation of practices from the XP with practices from interface design centered on user experience, aiming for a higher quality in the final software product. A quasi-systematic review was conducted to identify and characterize methodologies in related work. After the identification of existing methodologies, the present work describes a proposal for the adaptation of XP, in such way to include user experience practices. This proposal has been named XPlus. Finally, a case study was conducted to evaluate the usability of applications built using XPlus.

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