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May 2022
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  • INES researcher at SBQS’2012

    Publicado em April 30th, 2012Award

    Last year, Vinicius Cardoso Garcia, one of the researches responsible for the projet S.Ma.R.T – Social Machines Research Team won the Software Quality Thesis and Dissertations Competition (CTDQS’2011) – type PhD. CTDQS aims to promote and award the best M.Sc. dissertations and Ph.D. thesis in the field of software quality, defended and approved in Brazil during the year 2010.

    The CTDQS is also intended to encourage further work in postgraduate on Quality Software and stimulating University-Industry interaction in this area.

    As a prize for the award, Vinicius was invited to attend the SBQS’2012 in Fortaleza, with passages paid by the event sponsor.

    Besides, the following paper Agile Motodologies Adoption for Social Games Production with Distributed Teams (in portuguese) was accepted for publication at the conference.

    ANTUNES, Jamilson Batista; GOMES, João Emanoel Ambrósio; OTERO, Lenin Ernesto Abadié; GARCIA, Vinicius Cardoso; MEIRA, Silvio Romero de Lemos Meira. Adoção de Metodologias Ágeis para Produção de Jogos Sociais com Times Distribuídos. XI Simpósio Brasileiro de Qualidade de Software (SBQS), Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, 2012.

    This activity is part of the project  ”S.Ma.R.T – Social Machines Research Team“.

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  • INES researcher awarded with IBM Ph.D. Fellowship

    Publicado em February 24th, 2012Uncategorized

    The Ph.D. Student Ivan Machado (UFBA), member from the INES project: An Investigation of Methods, Processes, Tools, and Metrics for the Development of Software Product Lines (SPL)” — in portuguese, Uma Investigação de Processos, Ferramentas e Métricas para o Desenvolvimento de Linhas de Produto de Software, was awarded with the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards.

    According to IBM “The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards Program is an intensely competitive worldwide program, which honors exceptional Ph.D. students who have an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM and fundamental to innovation in many academic disciplines and areas of study.”

  • INES researcher won the ACM SIGPLAN John Vlissides Award

    Publicado em November 3rd, 2010About the Institute, News

    INES researcher Márcio Ribeiro won the ACM SIGPLAN John Vlissides Award at the SPLASH 2010 conference (formerly OOPSLA), held in Reno, NV, USA on October 2010. The award is presented annually to a doctoral student participating in the OOPSLA Doctoral Symposium showing significant promise in applied software research. The best PhD proposal was presented by Márcio, which competed with students from world’s premier universities. The presented proposal consists of providing modularity for features in software product lines. The approach uses interfaces that emerge on demand and during a maintenance task to warn developers about dependencies among features, so that the developer of a feature might not break another one which might be under somebody else responsibility.