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December 2021
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  • CAPES scholarships benefit 7 masters students…

    Publicado em July 6th, 2009News

    After CAPES scholarships approval, the INES Steering Committee decided how the grants will be allocated. All institutions that have requested grants were contemplated in some way (UFPE, UPE, UFPB, UFCG, UFRN), even with the amount of resources being equivalent to only 4.8 masters scholarships. INES generated a demand of 23 scholarships (15 masters, one PhD, five sandwich doctoral and two postdoctoral). At the same time, INES reinforces the recognition that the CAPES initiative is very important for consolidating the INCTs.

    Students that had benefited and their respective universities are:

    • Gustavo Araújo Soares (UFCG) 20 months
    • Jair da Silva Farias (UFPE) 20 months
    • Leopoldo Motta Teixeira (UFPE) 3 months
    • Samuel Lincoln Magalhães Barrocas (UFRN) 20 months
    • Thiago Affonso de Melo Novaes Viana (UPE) 12 months
    • Vinícius Souza dos Santos (UFPB) 20 months
    • Vinícius Torres Araujo Dourado (UFPE) 20 months
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  • CAPES approves R$ 139.106,97 in scholarships to INES

    Publicado em June 29th, 2009News

    CAPES published the result of postgraduate scholarships granted to INCTs.

    According to CAPES, the budget availability is R$ 30,000,000.00 (thirty million reals), therefore, corresponding to 6% (six percent) of the total amount financed for each INCT by CNPq/MCT.

    Thus, each INCT will receive from CAPES an amount equivalent to 6% of the budget approved by CNPq in postgraduate scholarships. For INES this represents four full masters scholarships (24 months) plus one masters scholarships of 19 months.

    It is worth remembering that only for the second half of 2009, the INES generated a demand for 22 scholarships: 14 masters, a doctoral, five sandwich doctoral and two postdoctoral. This demand shows the great potential of attracting human resources and need for financing of INES.

    Even having attended only a small part of the generated demand, such initiative is of great importance to the INCTs consolidation. INES expects such initiative to be repeated in other semesters.

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