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September 2023
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  • INES at Information Storage and Management Faculty Readiness Seminar

    Publicado em June 12th, 2014Projects

    Prof. Vinicius Cardoso Garcia will attend the Information Storage and Management ­ Faculty Readiness Seminar, promoted by EMC Education Services, on July 21-25 of 2014, at São Paulo, Brazil.

    The Information Storage and Management (ISM) is the only course of its kind to fill the knowledge gap in understanding varied components of modern information storage infrastructure. It provides a strong understanding of information storage technologies which prepares you to learn advanced concepts, technologies and also enable you to make more informed decisions in an increasingly complex IT environment. You will learn about the architectures, features, and benefits of Intelligent Storage Systems; storage networking technologies such as FC-SAN, NAS, and IP-SAN; long-term archiving solution – CAS; various business continuity solutions such as backup and replication, the increasingly critical area of information security, and the emerging field of storage virtualization including storage resource management. The technologies described in the course are illustrated and reinforced with EMC product examples. Realistic case studies enable the participant to design the most appropriate solution for given sets of criteria.

    Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Evaluate storage architecture; understand logical and physical components of a storage infrastructure including storage subsystems
    • Describe storage networking technologies such as FC-SAN, NAS, IP-SAN and data archival solution – CAS
    • Identify different storage virtualization technologies and their benefits
    • Understand and articulate business continuity solutions including, backup and recovery technologies, and local and remote replication solutions
    • Define information security, and storage security domains
    • Identify parameters of managing and monitoring storage infrastructure and describe common storage management activities and solutions
    This activity is in compliance with the project “Social Machines and Research Team – SMaRT” and will improve the results of the research being done by ASSERT Lab.
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  • INES at GCA’2012

    Publicado em May 17th, 2012Publications
    The paper “Accounting Models for Cloud Computing: A Systematic Mapping Study”, was accepted for publication at GCA’12 – The 2012 International Conference on Grid Computing and Applications (GCA). This activity is part of the project  S.Ma.R.T – Social Machines Research Team.

    Cloud services change the economics of computing by enabling users to pay only for the capacity that they actually use. In this context, cloud providers have their own accounting models including their billing mechanisms and pricing schemes to achieve this efficient pay-as-you-go model. Thus it is important to study this heterogeneity aiming to map out the existing accounting models to become possible new proposals or future standardizations. Therefore, we performed a mapping study focusing on accounting models for cloud computing,  in wich a total of 23 primary studies were considered, evidencing 5 accounting models, 23 different pricing scheme types and 4 primary studies related to SLA (Service-Level Agreement) composition. Although the significant number of studies found address grid computing it was possible to identify one accounting model which was very complete from different points of view for cloud environments.

    SILVA, F. A. P; NETO, P. A. M. S; Garcia, V. C; ASSAD R. E; TRINTA A. M. T. Accounting Models for Cloud Computing: A Systematic Mapping Study. 8th International Conference on Grid Computing and Applications (GCA), 2012.
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  • INES member attend a kick-off meeting at Brussels (Belgium)

    Publicado em October 14th, 2011News

    Vinicius Garcia, professor at CIn-UFPE, will attend the kick-off meeting of the EU-Brazil Open Data and Cloud Computing e-Infrastructure for Biodiversity (OpenBio) project at Microsoft Executive Briefing Center for European Innovation building, Brussels (Belgium) in the period of October 17-19. During this meeting, a workshop will take place and Vinicius will give a talk on the use of gCube and P2P technology to implement an e-Infrastructure to Data as a Service in the context of CRIA (Centro de Referência em Informação Ambiental) scenario. This work is in collaboration with Rodrigo Assad, Ph.D. candidate at UFPE and System Engineer at CESAR and others institutions: CRIA (Brazil), BARCELONA SUPERCOMPUTING CENTER – CENTRO NACIONAL DE SUPERCOMPUTACION (Spain), CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE (Italy), TRUST-IT SERVICES LTD (United Kingdom), UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA DE VALENCIA (Spain), Species 2000 (Spain), CESAR (Brazil), RNP (Brazil), UFF (Brazil) and UFPE (Brazil).

    The OpenBio project is the first large-scale effort in order to specify, design, implement, deploy and test the theory and practice of Social Machines, as can be stated in the project S.Ma.R.T – Social Machines Research Team. OpenBio is also an opportunity to raise more funds for the projects of Social Machines and Cloud Computing from the INES.

    The main goal of EUBrazilOpenBio is to deploy an e-Infrastructure of open access resources (data, tools, services), to make significant strides towards supporting the needs and requirements of the biodiversity scientific community. This data e-Infrastructure will result from the federation and integration of substantial individual existing data, cloud, and grid EU and Brazilian infrastructures and resources across the biodiversity & taxonomy domain namely Catalogue of Life, OpenModeller, D4Science-II and Venus-C.

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