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March 2023
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  • UFPE and UFAL Researchers at FOSD Meeting 2015 and ICSE 2015

    Publicado em March 27th, 2015Expenses

    INES researchers Leopoldo Teixeira and Márcio Ribeiro will attend the FOSD Meeting 2015, held at the International Academy Traunkirchen, Austria, between May 13th and 16th. FOSD is an workshop within the field of software development for variability-rich software systems and feature-oriented software development (FOSD). The main goal of the meeting is to foster intensive and interactive discussions around the aforementioned topics. The meeting provides an open and stimulating atmosphere and encouraged presentations at different levels of maturity. During the meeting, the following works will be presented: “A Product Line of Theories for Reasoning about Safe Evolution of Product Lines” and “An Empirical Study on Fine-Grained Feature Dependencies.”

    Besides the FOSD Meeting, Leopoldo will also attend the 37th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE’2015), to be held in Florence, Italy, in May 2015. There, he will also attend a satellite event of ICSE, the New Faculty Symposium. The main purpose is to make new contacts and meet collaborating researchers for discussion about ongoing projects.

    This activity is part of the “Tools for Developing and Evolving Software Product Lines” and “Making Program Evolution Safer” projects.

  • INES at SLE’2012

    Publicado em August 25th, 2012Publications

    The paper “SMADL – The Social Machines Architecture Description Language” authored by Leandro Nascimento, Vinicius Garcia and Silvio Meira has been accepted for publication in the Doctoral Symposium of the 5th International Conference on Software Language Engineering (SLE) 2012 in Dresden, Germany.

    The conference will be held in September 25-28, 2012 and will be co-located with other well conferences in the area: 11th Generative Programming and Component Engineering Conference (GPCE’12) and the 4th International Workshop on Feature-Oriented Software Development (FOSD’12).

    This activity is part of the project “Social Machines and Research Team – SMaRT” and is one of the results of the PhD research being done by Leandro Nascimento.

    In order to give a brief overview of the paper, here is the abstract: We are experiencing a high growth in the number of web applications being developed. This is happening mainly because the web is going into a new phase, called programmable web, where several web-based systems make their APIs publicly available. In order to deal with the complexity of this emerging web, we define a notion of social machine and envisage a language that can describe networks of such. To start with, social machines are defined as tuples of input, output, processes, constraints, states, requests and responses; apart from defining the machines themselves, the language defines a set of connectors and conditionals that can be used to describe the interactions between any number of machines in a multitude of ways, as a means to represent real machines interacting in the real web. This work presents a preliminary version of the Social Machine Architecture Description Language (SMADL).

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