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December 2021
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  • INES at ACM Hypertext 2014

    Publicado em August 11th, 2014Publications

    Prof. Leandro Balby will participate of the ACM Hypertext Conference to present the paper entitled “Event Recommendations in Event-Based Social Networks” in the SP 2014 Workshop. The research performs an exploratory analysis of a large dataset collected from (a well known event-based social network) where several insights are derived for the effective development of event recommenders, which is a challenging and still a sparse area of research. After that, some of these insights are fed into state-of-the-art recommender algorithms in order to investigate the advantages and limitations of these recommenders.

    The abstract is presented as follows:
    With the large number of events published all the time in event-based social networks (EBSN), it has become increasingly diffi cult for users to nd the events that best match their preferences. Recommender systems appear as a natural solution to this problem. However, the event recommendation scenario is quite different from typical recommendation domains (e.g. movies), since there is an intrinsic new item problem involved (i.e. events can not be “consumed” before their occurrence) and scarce collaborative information. Although few works have appeared in this area, there is still lacking in the literature an extensive analysis of the different characteristics of EBSN data that can affect the design of event recommenders. In this paper we provide a contribution in this direction, where we investigate and discuss important features of EBSN such as sparsity, events life time, co-participation of users in events and geographic features. We also shed some light on the performance and limitations of several well known recommendation algorithms and combinations of them on real and large data collected from