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December 2022
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  • Coordinator of HealthDrones project visits research group of Numerical Optimization and Modeling.

    Publicado em July 1st, 2015Projects

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    Silvana Bocanegra, coordinator of HeathDrones project, will visit the Group of Numerical Optimization and Modeling – GNOM  ( at UPC. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya from 27 July 2015 to 08 August 2015.  The research group maintains projects with the GNOM-UPC since 2011. The goal of this technical visit is to evaluate the use of large scale optimization algorithms and modeling strategies on routing algorithms and on-board computation for the software plataform of drones.

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  • Investigating Algorithms, Techniques and Tools for Search Based Software Engineering

    Publicado em March 27th, 2012About the Institute, Award, Expenses, News, Projects, Uncategorized

    Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) is an emerging field in which Software Engineering problems are reformulated and modeled as optimization problems, and subsequently are solved using concepts, techniques, algorithms and search strategies. The search goal is to identify, among all possible solutions, one that is good enough according to appropriate metrics. The reformulation allows that problems, previously resolved by adopting intensively manual and intuitive methods, can be solved wholly or partially in a systematic and automated way. In addition, SBSE can provide solutions to problems considered intractable by other methods and techniques of Software Engineering, often leading to innovative solutions, not anticipated or even imagined.

    In such a context, the aim of this project is to adopt, investigate, evaluate and develop SBSE concepts, algorithms, techniques and strategies in order to solve problems that arise in several areas of the Software Engineering discipline. The scope is widely open for different types of problems. However, initially, it focuses on developing approaches for composition, selection and allocation of software development teams, in both co-located and distributed settings. In particular, this project will take into account problems related to communication and coordination among software development teams, which are geographically distributed around the world. As widely known, such communication and coordination problems arises due to their different technical skills, and, mainly, conflicting cultural, social, organizational and even legal aspects, that, jointly, can significantly impact on software development cost, time and quality. Besides, the project also deals with problems related to search, selection and certification of software components in the context of Global Software Development (GSD) applied to Software Product Lines (SPL).

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