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September 2023
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  • INES at WP2P+ (SBRC’2014)

    Publicado em April 14th, 2014Publications

    INES will be present at the Workshop on P2P Networks, Dynamics, and Social Content-Oriented (WP2P+) in conjunction with the Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC’2014) to be held in Florianópolis (Santa Catarina) 5-9 May 2014. This activity is part of the project “Social Machines and Research Team – SMaRT” and is one of the results of the research being done by ASSERT Lab.

    The paper is entitled “Cloud Disk Drive – Uma abordagem para a criação de discos virtuais de baixo custo utilizando redes p2p” by Anderson Fonseca e Silva, Frederico Araújo Durão, Vinicius Cardoso Garcia and Rodrigo Elia Assad. A brief summary of the paper is following:

    Este trabalho apresenta uma proposta para a disponibilização de unidades virtuais para armazenamento de dados em nuvem, através da associação de tecnologias e conceitos, tais como: ISCSI e redes P2P. Desta forma, os arquivos podem ser distribuídos em nós conectados a rede,permitindo a oferta de armazenamento em disco de maneira compartilhada e a redução de custos pelo ofertante do serviço.

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  • INES at 17th EASE – Part II

    Publicado em March 13th, 2013Publications

    The paper “Cloud Testing Framework” authored by Crescencio Rodrigues Lima Neto (DCC-UFBA and IFBA), and Vinicius Cardoso Garcia (CIn-UFPE), has been accepted for publication at the 17th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE’2013). The conference will be held in April 14 – 16, 2013 at Porto de Galinhas, Brazil.

    This activity is part of the project “Social Machines and Research Team – SMaRT” and is one of the results of the research being done by ASSERT Lab.

    A brief overview of the paper is given next

    Cloud-based testing introduces a new set of challenges. While many companies are approaching cloud computing with cautious, testing appears to be next area of growing interest. This paper propose the development of a new framework focusing on cloud testing. We intend to define the activities, roles, techniques, and tools that will be used in an integrated framework. A research methodology containing all the steps that will be executed during the proposal implementation was defined. A schedule was suggested in order to allow the research development. We propose a new Cloud Testing framework and we present the research methodology and schedule that will be used to implement the proposal.

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  • Researcher from PUC-Rio visits UFBA

    Publicado em November 16th, 2012News

    Prof. Alessandro Garcia is going to visit UFBA on December 15-18, 2012, and has meetings with researchers involved in the project “Concern-Driven Measurement of Software Modularity”, for instance, Claudio Sant’Anna (UFBA) and Christina Chavez (UFBA). The researchers will work on a joint paper as well as discuss ongoing research work in the context of the INES project.

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  • INES project at UFBA is acquiring Books

    Publicado em August 29th, 2012Uncategorized

    The project Models, Processes and Tools for the Development of Context Sensitive Systems — in portuguese, Modelos, Processos e Ferramentas de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento de Sistemas Sensíveis ao Contexto is acquiring books to support the project development.

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  • Tutorial on Software Architecture – Prof. Neno Medvidovic at LES @ UFBA

    Publicado em August 4th, 2010News

    02.Aug.2010 – Prof. Neno Medvidovic presents a tutorial on Software Architecture at UFBA.

    Prof. Nenad Medvidovic, from USC, Los Angeles, is a visiting researcher for 3 weeks at UFBA, with INES support from the project “Models, Techniques and Tools for Software Evolution”.

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